Wednesday, January 21, 2009

New LTC80 Fare

Air India has published LTC 80 fares . These fares are refundable . Service personnel who are authorised to travel by Air can do so by performing their journey from any airlines provided the fares are less than LTC 80 fares. Click the link below to view these fares


  1. this has been superseded . See CDA(o) Pune site for the latest

  2. Can a holiday package deal offered by air india(under LTC80) admissible for reimbursement under 177 B.

  3. Ho Paji, something is wrong. once we see cda(O) wefsite and your fares are not matching with each other and surprise once we go to book agent/IA charge higher than that what is being displayed. What will CDA do once they will pass my claim. Lots of confusion but ticket booked. All in well . . . .

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